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posted on March 25, 2010 by Michelle

Ok, here goes!  I have never been much of a writer, but I think it is important to document the chronicles of Abbeymoore Manor.  Where to begin?  I think I will start by saying that I have thought very long and hard about writing a book about our many fun and challenging experiences.  Memoirs of a Poopy Toilet I would call it, because I think that it is very fitting considering the line of work we are in.  Not to say that every toilet has been poopy, but I will not get in to that one just yet. 
What I will get into is the fact that spring is in the air and it is time to start the grueling process of hiring staff.  Every year we start out the same way, ad in the paper and online.  For every 100 calls or emails we might get one person who actually has some sort of common sense.  No joke!  I get the fun job of meeting and interviewing all of the lovely and interesting candidates.  My absolute favourite thing is when I ask them if they have any housekeeping experience.  The answer nine times out of ten is "Oh yes, I clean my own house all the time".  Ok people get real.  Let us go over to your house right now and we shall see.  We have a very fair wage, and a lot of people think it is easy work for the money they will receive.  This is probably the hardest job I have ever done.  Even harder than working in a factory line making exaust manifolds.  I can not stress enough how hands on and detail oriented  this job is.  We take pride in having an immaculately spotless house. 
After that special someone is chosen for a trial basis, the real fun of training begins.  Not too many people are absorbant like a sponge.  I think that living in the great province of British Columbia, the local home grown oregano kills off some of their brain cells. 
On a positive note though, the staff that we have had the pleasure of working with have been excellent.  As many of you guests know from staying with us, they really do a great job.  It is time to say goodbye for now.  I am off to do some more spring planting.  Adios Amigos

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