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We all want to make sure the B&B we choose is the right one so why not read what others who have stayed here have to say? Here are several reputable review sites and guide books that can tell you about Abbeymoore.  Be sure to share your opinions after your stay!

This impressive 1912 mansion is in Rockland, an area of "Old Victoria" where grand homes were built by Victoria's elite. It's one of the best B&Bs you'll find, with large, attractive rooms, lots of period antiques and finishes, and an overall charm that's hard to beat.

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"... but the attitude is informal, from the helpful hosts to the free snacks and coffee on tap all day ..."

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"Abbeymoore is not far from the downtown core. Behind its colonial facade hide antique-lined rooms, tastefully furnished with cozy rugs and the kind of beds you have to climb to get into. The property has wi-fi access."

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"... A 20 min stroll from the Inner Harbour in the stately Rockland district, Abbeymoore has the wide verandas, dark wainscoting, and high ceilings of its era, but the ambience is strictly informal ..."

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No lace doilies, or the scent of Grandma’s lavender, these gorgeous properties offer the amenities of upscale hotels, but in a more relaxed yet elegant environment.


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Thursday, August 10, 2017