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posted on April 1, 2010 by Ian MacPhee

Several years back we had guests who came to Victoria for a week.  A relative of theirs called and asked us to arrange some champagne as the guests were here "for a special occasion" Over the course of the week we got to know them better and better and one day as they were heading out I jokingly said "Have fun today and if you get arrested give us a call and we'll bail you out!". I was just being jovial but the look of astonishment on the guests' face made me feel like I had crossed the line.
Anyway the guests went out about their day and that evening they asked us to share a glass of champagne with them.  They asked me "How did you know we might've gotten arrested today?"  We we flabbergasted of course and I replied "I didn't -I was just joking around".  Of course the cat was now out of the bag so I asked "Just what were you doing that you might have gotten arrested?!?" 
They looked at each other and confessed that the reason for their trip was that her grandmother had passed away and they were here to honor her wish to have her ashes spread at the Butchart Gardens.  Apparently gramma had visited a long time ago and felt it was the most beautiful place on earth. In her kitchen hung a yellowed old calendar and she often commented that this was her choice for a final resting place.
My mouth dropped open and I asked "Did you get permission?" to which they replied "Nope - we just did it!"
In the ensuing years I have gotten to know a lot of Butchart Gardens folks and as it turns out it's not that uncommon but it is frowned upon!

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