Travel Tips - The YYJ way you Say?

posted on March 27, 2010 by Ian MacPhee

YYJ - YYJ?  I have often wondered just what these three lil' letters have to do with Victoria Int'l Airport and why some airport codes make sense and others are wacky.

Take San Francisco for example - SFO - I can see that.  Seattle - well SEA makes great sense (except if you are in Tacoma!). Kathmandu is KTM - easy enough for Bob Seger to remember - and Boston - BOS - one more S and Bruce Springsteen could find his way there too.

But YYJ - whazzup with that? There aren't any Y's or J's in Victoria, at least not the way I spell it.  It's curious and not something that Victoria has monopoly on.  One of the first airport codes I learned was YYZ.  Do you know that one?  I'll give you a hint. Think of those prog rockers RUSH and their hometown......


Other favourites of mine are UEE for Queenstown, Australia. What happened to the Q -   you were so close!

How about BXX - no it's not where they make little tricky bicycles.  Its Borama Int'l in Somalia. Think the XX is a lil' ominous? Hmmnn.... maybe I better get a new travel agent.

So back to YYJ - I still have no idea how our great little airport got that moniker but without a doubt I'm always happy to see those letters on my luggage. I'd highly recommend flying straight here if you are coming to Victoria.  No hassles with ferries or long drives from SEA or YVR and even though it'll cost a bit more you'll be here sooner and that's priceless!  You can fly twice daily from SFO on United and you can even get here from Vegas Baby Vegas non stop.  Whatchya waiting for......  :)

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