You wouldn't do this would you!?!?

posted on June 9, 2010 by Ian MacPhee

Like all businesses there are stories that make you give your head a shake.  This one is from a B&B in the USA....... hang on to your hats.....!


Ok... I've waited over half the day to write this because I needed to calm down a bit. I've had a wonderful weekend of guests.... almost.... Five of six rooms were just a delight. The last room.... well... here goes.

This morning, I got up at my usual 6:30 to go brew the fresh coffee (beside the machine that is a 24/7 coffee maker) and get it out by 7:00. Breakfast is scheduled at 8:30, at the request of ALL rooms, including #6. As I walk into the PRIVATE part of our B&B which includes the well marked PRIVATE area kitchen, the guest from room 6 is cooking breakfast for herself and husband.... AWKKKKKKKKKK. First she scared the **** out of me, and second, after I quit peeing on myself.... I asked her what she was doing.... Her answer was.... well, it's such a beautiful morning, hubby and she decided to get going sooner so they could take the scenic drive , instead of the highway..... and just KNEW that I wouldn't want them to get on the road without their breakfast..... AWKKKKKKKK. Now mind you, I'm NOT dressed for anyone to see me.... and I literally did almost wet my pants.... but WHAT DO YOU SAY to something like that??????? We DO NOT allow access to our kitchen... it is a violation of our health codes for one thing, and she also was using stuff I had planned for breakfast for 12 people and used a dozen eggs just for herself and her husband..... used all my sausage, and was baking the biscuits that I had prepped the night before and of course was baking ALL of them, so forget nice FRESH hot out of the oven biscuits for the other 10 people.... I was LIVID.... but held my tongue ( I don't know how).... my husband came out to the kitchen and he was as shocked as I was.... and amazing, quiet Robert told her she needed to get out of the kitchen that it was a violation of the law and didn't she read the PRIVATE sign..... I told her I'd finish up what she had started, but that please don't EVER do this at any other B&B.... it could have great consequences... ok, now I can see the tripadvisor review.... but really....


Are guests just getting bolder, or are there B&B's who allow this somewhere, so they think it's ok???? She told me that we made her just feel like part of the family, so she didn't think anything of it..... geeeeeeeee.....

Oh yes... I made more fresh biscuits, and ran to the grocery for more eggs.... if she had only used 4 or 5, I would have been fine..... but a WHOLE dozen....

Ok... I'll just wait to see your answers!

Deep breath.... deep breath...aaaaah

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